My Story

I'm Zoe: all-round creative, songwriter, singer, musician, artist, photographer, problem solver, and nature lover, who randomly (or fatefully) fell into managing social media accounts and creating content for their posts. I love the creativity involved in taking photos/videos of products or events, editing them to look great, whilst holding in mind what the target audience is interested in and wants to engage with - the psychology behind this fascinates me. 


I have always prided myself on only choosing to work with ethically and/or environmentally conscious clients, and creatives. I won't knowingly help or promote any projects or businesses that harm people, animals or this plant.

In 2018 I started - a social media takeover service, where I capture and share events online in an engaging way, that lets the host get on with hosting. I've created Instagram Stories for album releases, showcases, festivals, community events and more - capturing the action and unique atmosphere for attendees and people who couldn't make it. I use my trusty Canon 750D and iphone and particularly feel at home at gigs and music events - being a musician myself, I feel at home among the hubbub.

I like to coach small business owners and host workshops to help people who have to manage their own social media improve and streamline their Social Media practices - so they have more time to work on their business.

I've led workshops for Chichester District Council and their independent high street businesses, One Girl Band and their female entrepreneurs, Small Pond and their Indie label musicians and other independent business owners. 

My Mission

To help inspire and create positive change in this world - starting with ourselves. When we are thriving mentally and physically, we can show up as our most authentic selves - and only then can we change the world! I choose to work with clients within the Arts and Environmentally Friendly/Ethical sectors, as it's these topics which move me to my core and will help shape this world into a more compassionate and habitable place (for all living beings).

​If you think your business or project fits with this mission, get in touch, I'd love to hear all about it and see how I can help. 

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