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Zoe Brownrigg Social Media Services - Social Media Management, Content Creation, Copywriting, Social Media strategy & coaching.


Find out more about my Brand Boost, Event Hype, Half Week and Full Week packages to get your social media buzzing! 

I have packages of varying levels, so you can decide if you have the time to 'share the load' or 'sit back and relax'.

If you don't need platform management but need advice on how to make your social media produce exciting results - my coaching sessions are for you!

I also have some great stand-alone packages to give your brand's social media a boost, or create buzz around your event.

Social Media Coaching

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'I learned so much and I’m sure Alive Network’s engagement will go through the roof now!
Thank you 😊 5 STARS'

'What I found to be most helpful about all our (coaching) sessions was the ability to listen to her ideas and to bounce my own ideas off her – quite an exciting process, as I am the only Social Media Marketer at Alive Network. It really felt like she was part of the dept. sat around the meeting table. She had certainly done enough research about Alive Network and the industry to know where I was coming from...

...(Zoe) managed to provide me with useful, instantly implementable advice and great ideas. She also has me hooked to Instagram stories now too…!'

Alex Bennett
Digital Marketing Assistant
Alive Network Entertainment Agency

I'll give you the tools, hints and tips to grow your following and get them engaged with your brand!

If you have a fast-paced business or require live updates, sometimes it's easier for yourself or an on-site employee to capture and share the action as it happens. I can train you and your employees to get the most from your social media; how to create consistent branding across your networks, create a posting schedule, write engaging content that your followers will want to share, and ultimately convert them into paying customers. 

Share The Load

If you like posting on social media but can't always find the time, why not share the load?

Together we'll work out a flexible schedule so you can post whenever it suits you, and I'll fill in the gaps. Perhaps you don't 'get' twitter and prefer posting to Facebook - I'll post and engage the communities on the networks you don't feel as comfortable with. Or perhaps you're a social media whizz but only have time to post as and when you can - I'll make sure you have a consistent online presence and stay in your follower's minds. 

From £100 per week (for 4 'active days' a week + minimum 4 posts on each social platform)

Sit Back & Relax

Don't stress about trying to keep up with social media any more - I'll handle it all for you!

We'll chat about what tone your brand should have and what content you'd like for me to post, then I'll create some examples for you. Once you're happy, I'll post every day across your networks, grow your followers, and get them engaged and talking about your brand, and convert them into loyal paying customers, so you can get on with running your business - or use the time you would have spent on social media, relaxing! 

Flexible pricing, contact for a quote.

Current clients on this package: Happy Maki

Hype My Event

You have an awesome event planned and now you need to get your social networks hyped up about it!

I will take your event to another dimension (! ) by creating exciting and engaging content for your attendees and followers at home. Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook Live, Boomerangs and Twitter Chats are some popular and exciting ways to share preparations for the event, behind the scenes sneak peeks, interviews, and to generally capture and convey your event's buzzing atmosphere. 

Whether you're organising a product launch, exhibition opening, live performance, company anniversary, conference, charity event or anything in between, I'll create a detailed social media strategy for before, during, and after the event, to ensure every possible moment is shared with and by your followers. 

Flexible Pricing.

Previous clients include: Pier2Pier Beach Clean, Black Peaks (band), Tuesday Media, The Hungry Mothers (band)

Boost my Social Media

You've been so busy running your business that your social media pages haven't been getting much love recently - the information is outdated, the 'most recent' post is months old, new likes are far and few between, and when you do finally get round to posting, your 'audience reach' is low and your likes, comments and shares are lower still.

Fear not! I can bring you back up to speed and get your pages looking great, up to date and set you up with shiny new posts that your audience will love, want to share, and join the conversation on! The more engaged your followers online, the more custom you'll receive - when you're on their feeds, you're on their minds to visit and to recommend to friends. The great thing about social media algorithms is that once I get the ball rolling for you, regular posting of interesting content will keep your following hooked and growing expedentially (I will provide info on this in my 'after-care' package) 

Flexible Pricing

Previous clients include: Smorls Houmous

Additional services - charged hourly 

Copywriting - I excel in writing engaging and inspiring copy for websites, leaflets, blog posts, advertisements and more! 

Website creation/design/upkeep - I create beautiful websites (such as this!) on Squarespace; it's easy for you (or me) to up-keep and their reasonable pricing includes a domain name (e.g., and e-commerce option (online shop) - take a look at what else is included in their Personal Plan.

I am also experienced in Wordpress and can edit/improve existing websites, however I wold not recommend building a new website on this platform if you are considering it; customising their templates and adding content is very time consuming and may cost you more than than if done on Squarespace, plus many find Wordpress hard to navigate, edit and customise without a professional's help, so it may incur you on-going costs just for your website's up-keep. 

Market/Content Research - It is very important to stay up to date with the latest trends within your market, and to provide interesting and engaging content to your audience. I do spend some time on this during the 'active days' of my packages, but as an additional service I can provide an in-depth report on a specific topic within your industry, to help you understand how to take your business or campaign to the next level. 

Paid Social Media Marketing  - Many find the multitude of display and targeting options on Facebook and Instagram ads confusing - I can design, set up, and run a paid marketing campaign for you - sending you weekly reports to help you get the most engagement, new followers, or sales from your investment. 

PR - 'Brand Influencers', 'Lifestyle Bloggers' and 'Youtube Stars' are the best new way to get your brand name out there, and can even cause you to 'go viral'. I will reach out to local and international 'influencers', as well as the traditional press and media, to promote your brand/campaign/product/event and build up some buzz! 

If you're not sure which package is best for you or if you would like to build your own package from elements detailed above, message me or set up a phone call, looking forward to hearing from you!

Read more on how I can help your business and my personal strengths in my About Page