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Freelancers & Entrepreneurs - Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Copy


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Freelancers & Entrepreneurs - Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Copy

Zoe Brownrigg

After recently reading an article on 'business support groups' on Facebook, I joined a couple - one of which is called 'Creative Superheros' (so cheesy!) which is apparently for 'Lady Bosses' (cringe). But I'm glad I looked past the name and description and joined, because I've already had some great interactions with people!

One such interaction was with a woman asking for advice on 'writing great copy' for her website. I myself have been really pondering and delving into personal research on the psychology of copywriting recently (mostly analysing loads of other freelancers/entrepreneurs' websites) and felt like I had a thought to offer:

'Try and let your personality shine through - it's so easy to let all the 'sales' and 'marketing' language we see and hear every day, filter into our copywriting. But if you want to show that you're genuine and relatable, and gain your potential customers' trust - it's got to come from the heart!

 Before you write anything down, speak it out loud to a friend or partner and improvise each section of copy, then write notes of the sentences that got your point across and also sounded uniquely YOU - then include them in your final your copy.'

This is how I wrote my own website's copy - rewriting and rewriting paragraphs of 'sales' pitches to actually engage the reader on a more personal level, in my voice.

How would you speak to your ideal client in real life? 

Write like that!