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Zoe Brownrigg

Introducing mu.cast - my new podcast on all things music and social media!

I will be chatting to musicians and music industry professionals about how they use social media, why, and what kind of an impact its having on their professional and personal lives. There’s also a sprinkling of tips, tricks and social media news, to help keep your social media on top-form.

You can listen to the first episode of mu.cast featuring Thomas Armstrong from Brighton band Demob Happy, here!

Tom (Demob Happy).JPG

Including Prices In Posts + The Words & Phrases Audiences That Reduce Engagement

Zoe Brownrigg

Whilst working at an independent art gallery (my second ever social media management job), I found that if I posted a photo of an artwork and included the price in the caption, it usually received no engagement AT ALL...

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Freelancers & Entrepreneurs - Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Copy

Zoe Brownrigg

It's so easy to let all the 'sales' and 'marketing' language we see and hear every day, filter into our copywriting. But if you want to show that you're genuine and relatable, and gain your potential customers' trust - it's got to come from the heart!

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