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Zoe Brownrigg Social Media Services - Social Media Management, Content Creation, Copywriting, Social Media strategy & coaching.

Zoe Brownrigg Social Media

Zoe Brownrigg - Freelance Social Media Manager and Content creator, based in Brighton, UK. Specialises in creating Instagram Stories and social media content at music gigs and other events.


Hi, I’m Zoe. I have been working as a freelance Social Media Manager and Content Creator for the last 4 years. To put it simply - I manage social media profiles, create content, and post it, for other people and companies.

I’m a natural creative, and love making engaging social media stories and posts with my trusty Canon 750D and iphone, particularly at gigs and events.

Due to my personable nature and love of psychology, I take great satisfaction in creating a ‘human voice' for brands and avoid boring ‘sales’ language that doesn’t go down well on social media - people use it to be social, not to be subjected to another boring ad.

I also coach small business owners and host workshops to help others improve and manage their own Social Media platforms. 


Jo Shaw Yoga

'Social media coaching with Zoe was just what I needed to get started on promoting my work on Facebook and Instagram.

Within a couple of hours of meeting with Zoe I had a good understanding of the do's and don't's...she also provided great technical support to get accounts up and running and looking good.

This saved me hours of attempting this on my own and with much better results! I'll definitely call on her again as my business grows.'

Jo Shaw, Yoga Teacher

Alive Network Agency.png

Zoe answered all of my questions from the prep. document, but what I found to be most helpful about all our sessions was the ability to listen to her ideas and to bounce my own ideas off her – quite an exciting process.

Overall, a very enjoyable 3 hours – I learned so much and I’m sure Alive Network’s engagement will go through the roof now! Thank you 😊 5 STARS.

Alex Bennett, Social Media for Alive Network Entertainment Agency


Instagram Stories

Below is a playlist of Instagram Stories that I’ve created at various events and music concerts, have a browse to see what I can do and then head to my social media for events section to find out more.


Is your business using: INSTAGRAM STORIES?

Instagram stories are a great way of sharing behind-the-scenes and fun content with your followers - they are also a way of 'live' documenting an event as it happens, so that people who couldn't make it stay informed and feel part of it. 

I create awesome Instagram stories as part of my weekly social media management packages, or as part of my 'Hype My Event' package for private or public events. If you want to learn how to create these yourself, book my for a 1 to 1 session now!

Who I help...

I champion local, independent, ethical, environmentally conscious, plant-based and compassionate brands in Brighton, within the Hospitality, Arts & Events, Health & Wellness, and Retail sectors.

I also provide social media takeovers for music concerts and events as

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